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FREE SOCIETY: A Periodical of Anarchist Work, Thought, and Literature. Vol. IX. No. 33. Chicago, Sunday, August 17, 1902. Whole No. 375. 8pp.

Available online at the Fair Use Repository.

  • "The Castle of Polenta," Lorenzo Stecchetti, translated by William Struthers, p. 1
  • "Church and State," G. O. W., p. 1-2
  • "Russia," S. Mintz, p. 2
  • "For Chicago and Milwaukee," p. 2
  • "Who are Trustworthy?" Kate Austin, p. 3
  • "Literature," Review of The American Farmer by A. Isaak, p. 3
  • "Here and There," p. 3
  • "Notes," p. 4
  • Letter from V. Tchertkoff on an article purported to be by Leo Tolstoy but not actually written by him, p. 4
  • "W. O. Koehn," M. P., obituary, p. 4
  • "By the Wayside," Interloper, p. 4
  • Piece on poverty in England, from Labor Clarion, p. 4
  • "Questions and Answers," questions from a reader, answers by S. R., p. 5
  • "Ingenuities of Economic Argument," Helena Born, p. 5-6
  • "The Lust for Power of the Slave," Albert Weidner in Der Arme Teufel, p. 6
  • "From 'Berthold Meryan,'" p. 6
  • "A Boer Woman," New Age, p. 7
  • "Communism," J. A. Andrews, p. 7
  • Quotation from Schopenhauer, p. 7
  • Update on publication of Pages of Socialist History, by W. Tcherkesoff, p. 7
  • Comrade T. Appel is collecting subscription for Free Society in Chicago, p. 7
  • "Agents for Free Society," p. 8
  • "Receipts," p. 8
  • John M. Clarke's New Method Language Lessons, advertisement, p. 8
  • "Memoirs of a Revolutionist," by Peter Kropotkin (advertisement), p. 8
  • "A Physician in the House," by Dr. J. H. Greer (advertisement), p. 8
  • "Field, Factory and Workshop" by Peter Kropotkin (advertisement), p. 8.
  • College of Medicine & Surgery, Chicago (advertisement), p. 8.
  • "The Chicago Martyrs: The Famous Speeches of the Eight Anarchists in Court, and Altgeld's Reasons for Pardoning Fielden, Neebe and Schwab" (advertisement), p. 8.
  • "Moribund Society and Anarchy," Jean Grave (advertisement), p. 8.
  • "Book List," p. 8.